High Tide

A Caleb Zone team just recently returned from a mission trip to Ireland. The place where we stay is just about 2 miles from the North Sea.  Now, I’m no sailor, but even a landlubber couldn’t help but notice an enormous difference when the tide is “in” (HIGH tide) and when it is “out” (LOW tide).

At low tide, the water is more shallow and the waves are more calm and subdued.  Rocks and sand are exposed and there are fewer fish.IMG_1589

At high tide, however, the water is deeper and the waves are much higher and more powerful.  Offshore rocks and sand which had been exposed are now immersed, and there are many more fish near the shore.

OK, look…I admit that I’m not the sharpest tack in the box, but isn’t it obvious that high tide is on it’s way at Antioch Community Church and Waco in general?  We’re experiencing wave after wave of the presence of God in increasing measure in personal lives, families, Life Groups, and in our services.  And the fish.  Look at all the fish!

We’re looking at perhaps the biggest challenge we’ve ever had as a church, and that is, “Who’s going to clean all those fish?” (Translation…we’re going to have to find ways to start more Life Groups and train more leaders so that these folks can get discipled well.)

I’ve got to say that this challenge really get’s my blood flowing.  OK, it also makes me tired.  BUT…what if the words Mordecai said to Esther actually apply to us in these days…”And who knows but that you have come to your royal position for such a time as this?” Esther 4:14 NIV.  I’m up for it, by God’s grace.  How about you?

And the waves keep coming…


3 thoughts on “High Tide

  1. I know the Lord often comes in a gentle breeze, but what about, not just the high tide, but the high winds, which sure can blow off Ireland’s north coast? Surely the Holy Spirit!

    • In what way are we seeing the presence of God in personal lives? I really want to know. I go to services and talk to others too, there after services, it is struggle, struggle, struggle, especially in relationships. I went to a life group for and nobody could tell me the answers about family problems. My paregnts are Christians and good people. But they tell me there is more to Jesus than His love. They said that obedience to them is required, even if they say that they don’t want me to go to Antioch, but to another church. What do you think?

  2. Great photos and what you are thinking!!! So blessed to be one of the team members on site in Ireland this summer and enjoy “for such a time as this” faith journey these past 12 years. Makes me wonder if there are anymore people the Lord has touched with a burning passion to pray for Ireland? Rise up, people and talk with Danny. He is “pumped”, as he would say!!

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