Antennas Up!

Merry Christmas to the Caleb Zone!  I’m sure that many of you are looking forward to getting a few days off to celebrate with family and friends.  Then again, there are probably some of you who aren’t real pumped about the season due to missing loved ones, dealing with unpleasant memories, or facing physical trials and difficulties.  Whether our circumstances are exciting or just plain hard, Jesus is still Emmanuel…He is with us…and He himself is JOY.

The holiday season gives us a great opportunity to BE community with folks in our Lifegroups, as well as others who may have needs from great to small.  For example, a few Saturdays ago a group of Caleb Lifegroup guys, got together to help Tim Childress put in 12 windows in the dome-home that he and his wife, Sonya, are building (see photos below).  Their battle cry was, “We may be old, but we sure are slow.”  (Just kidding)  These guys jumped on the task and got all 12 windows installed in a day. Just because Tim and Sonya were “family” and they needed some help.  Bottom line, let’s enjoy our homes and our families for sure…but let’s keep our antennas up so we can be there to help and encourage where there’s a need.

HUGE blessings on you guys, and

Merry Christmas!


Maybe we should pray first...

Maybe we should pray first…

Help wanted!

Help wanted!

Job well done!

We’re tougher than we look!