Some Thoughts About Heaven

I’ve had 4 friends go on to be with the Lord in just the past few months…3 of them in the past 6 weeks…and 3 of them CLOSE friends.  Maybe you have, too.  When you hit a season like this, coupled with the already existing tender-hearted tendencies we have during the holidays, thoughts of Heaven are more likely to be popping up.  Here are a few of the thoughts/questions/hopes/observations  I’ve been having…random, somewhat disjointed, but still “weighty” to me….

– I wonder what my friends who have gone to Heaven recently first thought when they got there.

– I wonder if they’re aware that I’m writing this at this moment and are pumped about ME getting there to join them.

– I wonder if Ron Allison has met my Dad yet

– Will God explain to me in Heaven why in the world some people drive UNDER the speed limit?

– Will God open the taste buds of non-chocolate lovers in Heaven?

– Will I have hair?

– Will we get to fly?  (I dream about flying FREQUENTLY. )

– And what about the mountains?  There’s just GOTTA be mountains in Heaven…I’m guessing there will be scenes simliar to the one at the top of this page, only more magnificient and literallly AWESOME.

– I notice that being with Jesus daily is growing more and more real…on THIS side of Heaven.

– Even though I haven’t experienced the “blow-your-mind” sights and sounds of Heaven yet, I’m realizing that being WITH Jesus face to face is what I ache for…overwhelmingly at times.

– We will no longer battle temptation…or fear…or feelings of inadequacy…or overeating!

– We will see Jesus’ face, hear His voice…experience His love, joy, and peace in a totally unhindered, unabridged way…FOREVER!!!

“Lord, please help us to live with HEAVENLY perspective so that we can glorify you here on Earth.   Amen.”