Hey, everyone in the Caleb Zone.  Many  of  you know  Ron & Penny Allison.  They have been Caleb LifeGroup Leaders in years past and now are Section Leaders for some of our LifeGroups.  They’re also really good friends of so many  of us.

OK, so you may already be in the loop on this, but today Ron was admitted to Seton Hospital in Austin to have some medical procedures done to try to slow down his heart rate.  He has been in and out of the hospital for about a month and a half, and his health has been declining because of heart issues which have not responded to various medications.  The doctor told him and Penny today that if these procedures being done in Austin don’t work, then most  likely hospice  is  the next step.  That’s some pretty  tough news for them to swallow.

So, let’s pray.  Not just talk about it, but do it.  Ron needs an honest to goodness, just-like-in-the-Bible miracle so that his heart would get back to beating like God created it to beat.  

God is good,