Somebody Needs Your Blessing

You may (or may not) be interested to know that my actual, real, legal, birth-certificated name is “Dan”, not “Danny” or “Daniel”.  In Hebrew, Dan means “judge”.  And unfortunately in my stinkin’ ol’ flesh, that name has often fit because I’ve had a real struggle with judging people!  OK, it’s true that the Holy Spirit continues to change me in that area, but I still find myself judging WAY too easily.

How about you?  Can you identify?   Well, take a look at this short video and see what a difference it makes when we get past judging and into blessing…

This is pretty timely for us at church these days…we are inundated with young people who are, lets face it…DIFFERENT from us!  They dress differently, they are totally full of energy…and even though we’re really delighted to have them, it’s often difficult to find any common ground with them.

But what would happen if we got past our inner-judging and moved on to blessing them? I can promise you that there are hundreds of young people in our church (not to mention the thousands outside the church) whose lives could be changed by a genuine, verbalized blessing from an adult.  Try it this Sunday…give some high school or college student a firm hand-shake, look them in the eye, and say, “I’m so glad you are here!”  Who knows what God can do with such a small thing…

Lord, please teach us how to bless…


How Great Thou Art

Hey everybody. For some reason, “How Great Thou Art” was never one of my favorites. I know that many of you have always loved it. But for some reason, this version where one guy sings all 4 parts, hits me smack in the heart. So whether you’re a lover of the song or not, when you get a few minutes today, click on to this link, turn up your speakers, sit back…and worship…..

HUGE blessings on you today,