You Gotta Check This Out….

Hi there, Caleb Zoners! 

A few months ago, I referred to a blog and website that many of you would be very interested in, and I wanted to re-up on that.  It’s called “Not On Our Watch”.  Just go to this link:  and you’ll find lots of parenting/grandparenting articles and information.  If you go to the bottom of that page, you can sign up for their weekly newsletter which will come to your email automatically every Sunday.  I think it’s great stuff, and even if YOU don’t need the information and support, I’ll bet you know somebody who does!

And by the way, you can subscribe to this Caleb Zone blog, too, if you haven’t already.  Look up to the top right corner of this article, and you’ll see where you can join this blog, which means that every time I post something on it, you’ll get an email with the new article on it. 

By the way, how are you guys doing?  I see so many of you at church, and others I’ve not seen for a while.  Just know that God is constantly looking for ways to encourage you and support you as you walk through life with Him. 

Huge Blessings on you,