But I Thought Slavery Was a Thing of the Past…

I really don’t even know how to put into words my thoughts and feelings here.  I’ve been dumbfounded over the past 2 weeks as I read a book called “Terrify No More”, by Gary Haugen, President of the International Justice Mission.  And from what I understand, there are other books out there which also deal with the modern day reality of slavery. 

This is a very tough book to read, simply because it describes primarily how young girls in Southeast Asia (sometimes as young as 5 years old) are either “rented out” by their parents, or kidnapped and sold to brothels.  Also described are various ways people in India and Africa are held in slavery to work rice fields or in brick yards, etc.  But I have to say that I’m glad that I read it…that I know that inhuman treatment and cruelty in the form of human trafficking is going on right now all over the world…even here in the US.

Do you know that you are precious to God?  How about your children…your grandchildren…yes, they’re precious to God, too.  So, how about the millions of people caught in literal slavery TODAY…are they precious to God?  They are no less precious than you or your children or grandchildren.

How do we respond to this horrific situation?  First of all, we can inform ourselves by reading books such as “Terrify No More”.  And we can take action, beginning with prayer. 

UnBOUND  –  UnBound is the name of ACC’s ministry leading out in response to the human trafficking issue. To kick off our 3 day prayer and fast, there will be a prayer time led by the UnBound leadership team.  During this particular prayer time we will be focusing on the travesty of modern-day slavery.   Please consider joining us in calling out for and end to this oppression.


Peggy’s Appeal To Caleb Zone

So many choices in life aren’t “EITHER/OR”, but are “BOTH/AND”.  And here’s another such example.  We’ve been talking at church lately about learning to minister to those in our “spheres of influence”…in other words, being a discipler/missionary right where we are.  Vitally important.  At the same time, one of the things ACC is really focused on is planting churches all over the world.  So which is it…focus on the people around us, or go to some location clear across the globe to share Jesus with those people?  It’s BOTH/AND, not EITHER/OR.

In this blog posting we’re going to hear from a lady from the Caleb Zone who has followed the Lord to do BOTH/AND…most recently the clear-across-the-globe stuff.  Come on, Peggy Stratton!!!


Peggy’s Appeal To Caleb Zone

I just returned from being in Uganda for four years and four months. God is so good. I know I have grown in so many ways…physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. I want to declare that the blessings I received far outweighed any challenges I faced. I lived my first six months in a shipping container, had creatures of all kinds (bats/rats, etc.) as roommates, was surrounded by 100 acres of burning land and walked  in the Nile River. I could go on and on. The experience was amazing and I am so humbled that God allowed me to be used by Him to further His Kingdom.

For those of you who do not know me I am 62 years old and retired after working for 32 years with the Veterans Medical Center.  I was a nurse manager but in Uganda I made bricks, threshed beans, cooked over a charcoal fire and learned many new life skills. But the greatest gifting from God I which I got to share was just to love the people and walk with them in daily life.

I wanted to share this snippet with you, the Caleb Zone, because I’d love to see many of you enjoying and experiencing more of God by serving Him cross-culturally. I think many times Satan has lied to our generation telling us we are too old or that we have nothing to offer. THAT IS A LIE. I do not care who you are or what you have done in your life…you can be used by God!  Your life experiences, the basic teachings from our childhood, problem-solving skills and maybe something from your profession are more valuable than you know  The thing that ministers most to the hurting and unchurched of the world is knowing that someone cares about them and feels they have value and worth . I know there are challenges to our flesh but again I declare as Paul shared, “ His grace is sufficient”. So no matter what you may experience in uncomfortable sleeping, strange foods and/ or roommates…God’s grace is sufficient to help us overcome!

Please ask God if He would have you become a “goer”.   I would love to share with any of you who have questions, concerns or ideas about going to the field. I can be contacted at peggy@quikmail. org