Unless you become like a child…

Jesus loves us thoroughly in all of our complexities…but He loves simply.  What you see is what you get with Jesus.  Kids get that.  Because they’re pretty simple, too.  They receive freely.  They give freely.  They rarely dance (making you think they’re one thing when they’re really another.)  I love it.  I want it.  To love simply.  To obey simply. To keep Love, Joy, and Peace flowing at their most basic common denominator: Jesus is in me, and I am in Him.

There’s a book that God is using in Kathy’s and my life these days.  It’s called “The Jesus Storybook Bible”, by Sally Lloyd-Jones.  It’s the book we give to kids when they go through Baby D at our church.  Months ago a mommy who’s kids had received the book was saying that she had started reading it herself because it was one of the clearest portrayals of Jesus and of God’s plans and purposes that she had ever seen.  The Holy Spirit gave me a nudge as if to say, “that’s what you need, too.”  So I bought one and started reading.

It’s a great book for your kids and grandkids…but it may make an even higher impact on you.  The Truth of all Truths, simply directed at simple hearts.

Like God says in Psalms, “He lifted me out of the miry clay and set my feet upon a Rock…”  Sound appealing?  Maybe you should check this book out, too.

“The Jesus Storybook Bible” by Sally Lloyd-Jones.





The Call of the Road

Some of you know what I’m talking about when I say “The Call of the Road”.  Others of you can’t identify with that at all.  And do you know what?  It really doesn’t matter…it’s GOD’S call that matters, not the road’s, right?  But I chose that title for this blog posting because my guess is that some of you have been thinking/feeling for a good while now that God had an adventure for you up ahead…in a situation where YOU are really needed.  Now, I don’t actually know who’s reading this…maybe nobody…and I realize that you may not even be a “Caleb Zone-er”.  But if you DO happen to be, say, over 45…and you love to serve Jesus…and you’re one of those who’s been feeling an urge lately to take on something new, then there’s somebody looking for you…and his name is Jake…

Some of you may know Jake and Abigail Griffin.  Jake is the brother of our son-in-law, Jady Griffin.  And he and Abigail are in our 24/14 Church Planting school this year.  They have been led by the Lord to take a church planting team from Antioch, Waco, to Baton Rouge, Louisiana to plant a church.  And they want/need some “gray heads” to be a part of their team.  I mean, you have NO idea how much Jake would love to talk to you, even if you’re not very interested or if you’re allergic to crawfish or something.

You can get hold of Jake by calling him at 254-214-3134.  Or if you’d rather contact me about it, then you can do that, too.  Just email me at danny-mulkey@aminternational.org

How cool would it be for God to put his hand on somebody or some couple and say, “Listen up…Danny’s talking about YOU.”

Blessings, and Happy New Year to you all.  I’ll be blogging again next week to tell you about something that you and your kids/grandkids will love.