Why God Created Toes

I know a man who accidentally cut off his big toe and the one next to it.  This happened during an unfortunate encounter with his lawn mower years ago.  I saw him a month or so after his accident and asked him if he missed his toes.  He said that he was having to learn to stand and walk all over again because his balance was significantly affected by the loss of his 2 toes.

Now I had never given much thought about toes before that conversation.  I knew that my toes were so long and skinny that I could actually pinch like a crab, so in that sense they were quite useful as sort of a secret weapon.  I’m not sure that I’ve ever seen nice looking toes.  I mean, how many times have you ever heard somebody say, “Nice toes!”…or “Gee, I wish I had toes like that.”?  I mean, mine are just flat funny looking. 

OK, so it’s probably obvious what’s coming next…we can learn from our toes!  Balance is a big deal. Really, spiritual balance is simply looking at life from God’s perspective, then acting accordingly.  Just as God created these obscure appendages on our feet to help us to balance as we stand and walk, He has given us things to help us keep our balance spiritually as well, such as:  1. Daily time with Jesus in His Word; 2. Living in community with other Jesus-followers, including your LifeGroup; 3. Maintaining a constant willingness/desire to trust and obey the Lord; 4. Choose to LOVE FIRST in every dealing with other people.  5. Cultivating a GRATEFUL heart, and continually expressing that gratitude to the Lord and to folks.

When we lose our toes, we tend to fall down a lot more. 

Think about it…

Blessings on you guys,



Eric Liddell – Pure Gold

When I was a boy in grade school in Pine Bluff, Arkansas, I was a voracious reader of biographies.  I would read great stories of great men, like Davy Crockett, Abraham Lincoln, Knute Rockne of Notre Dame, Ethan Allen and the Green Mountain Boys, on and on and on.  And I still love to get taken back in time by a good story of a great person.

So, you can tell what’s coming, can’t you?  Yup, you’re right…I just finished a real good book about a remarkable man of God, Eric Liddell.  The book is called Eric Liddell – Pure Gold by David McCasland (Discovery House Publishers).

In case some of you are having a hard time placing the name, do you remember the movie, Chariots of Fire?  Eric Liddell was the Scottish runner who still won a gold medal at the Paris Olympics in the early 1920’s, in spite of refusing (as a matter of conviction) to run on Sunday. Right…it’s all coming back to you now…

This book reminds me of an old-timey biography for some reason.  It’s simple rather than flashy, but it’s true to history and paints a powerful picture of a man who was TOTALLY devoted to Jesus.  The son of Scottish missionaries to China, Eric also became a missionary in China until his death in a Japanese prison camp in 1945.  I mean, what an INCREDIBLE life of obedient and joyful service lived in the very real presence of God.  My heart was touched, my faith was encouraged, and my desire to be totally surrendered to God was fanned into flame at a new level.

Listen, I realize that some of you don’t like to read.  And others of you just don’t know WHAT to read.  Well, let me say that even if you don’t read this book, you may know somebody who needs a super-encouraging example to follow.  This book describes such a person.  Check it out.

Blessings on you guys.  I love and appreciate you dearly.  I’m encouraged all the time by your ongoing pursuit of God!