Want To Feel the Cool Breeze from the Holy Spirit? Read “The Grace Outpouring”

Well, if you’re anything like me, you’re getting pretty tired of the 100+ degree temperatures day after day.  I’m pretty sure Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednigo would feel right at home in Waco these days.

I want to tell you about a book I just read…a book which at least for me was like a cool breeze from the Holy Spirit.  My heart just sort of said, “Ahhh”, like you might say if you were to slip into a pool of cool water on a day like today.  The book is called “The Grace Outpouring”, by Roy Godwin and Dave Roberts.  In the 1990’s Roy was a pastor in England.  His wife is Welsh (for those of you who are geographically challenged, Welsh people are from Wales, which is part of the UK…on the western side of England).  About 12 years ago or so, the Lord led Roy and his wife to become the directors of a Christian retreat center out in the boonies of Wales.  They had a strong desire to lead people to Jesus and couldn’t figure out why God would put them out in the middle of nowhere to run a retreat center for folks who were already Christians.

They were in for the surprise of their lives when God began to bring all sorts of people to the center…most of them just sort of wandered in, not knowing why they were drawn there.  Roy would just lead them to the chapel, speak a brief blessing over them and leave them alone.  And God would show up.  I mean, REALLY show up.  Healing, saving, delivering…whatever the need.  The presence of God was so powerful that countless lives were radically changed over the period of several years.  The retreat center has become a real House of Prayer, and now is influencing congregations of people all over the world. 

That’s the story in a nutshell.  It’s a great and moving illustration of the ability of God to touch people’s lives with His Presence, even when they’re not asking Him to.  Do you need to live and walk in a deeper awareness of God’s power, love, and presence?  Man, I do.  And when I read what God is doing in other places and other people, it builds and strengthens my faith, and my hunger for God intensifies. 

You can order the book online from various booksellers.  We may decide to carry it in our own bookstore here at ACC, too. 

May God’s blessings on us be so great that they lap over onto everyone around us!




Some Things Never Change…

Wow…that title sounds a little fatalistic!  But hang on a minute and hear me out, OK?  I’m going to give you a little report here on our Caleb Zone Mission Trip to Ireland, but in doing so, I want us to also think a little bit about the callings of God.  So here we go!!!!

Sheep...lots of sheep...

This was our 10th summer mission trip to Ireland.  We work in County Mayo, way up in northwest corner of the island.  It is, to many Irish people, the “Nazareth” of Ireland…perhaps the LEAST likely to succeed of all the Irish counties.  But this is where God has led us to plant our feet for the time being, and to declare in any/every way possible that God is even now setting things up for a profound revival in Ireland…so profound that the churches and the very social structure of the nation will be transformed by the love of Christ.  Once again, Ireland will become a launching pad for the Gospel to the nations of the world.

and cows...lots of cows...

I say “once again” because God’s calling on this nation IS to be wholehearted “lovers” of Jesus, and radical “launchers” of people to the nations with the Gospel, making disciples and planting churches.  Lovers and Launchers… This is what the Irish people became through the ministry of Patrick in the 5th century, and his discipleship/church planting movement powerfully affected the world for centuries!  This small, island nation led the entire world in the sending of disciple-making missionaries for CENTURIES!!!  The calling was clear.  And some things never change…like the callings of God, for example.  This is the “trumpet” we blow everywhere we go in Ireland.  Even though for the most part the Irish have now turned away from their zeal for God and for His calling on their lives, we know that God’s plans have not changed.  The Irish  just don’t know it yet!  We go there to remind them of who Jesus really is, and who they really are.

Danny with "Brother Thomas" at Holy Hill...a Catholic hermitage which is a prayer center for Ireland.

On our trips, we spend about half of our time praying in churches and other locations for God to send His blessing and the refreshing of His Spirit to the nation.  Then the other half of our time is spent meeting with and praying for pastors, priests, and lay-people whom God has sent our way.  Sometimes this is done as we share in churches or small groups.  Sometimes we visit their homes, or host them for dinner and a ministry time.  Every one on our team plays a significant role in hearing from God and praying His word over people’s lives.  This is was our daily activity on this trip …praying in churches and praying with people, always “blowing the trumpet” of God’s love for Ireland and his unchanged calling on the nation.

Our team with the pastor (and his wife) of a church where our team shared

This year, there were 8 of us on the team(Danny & Kathy Mulkey, Dennis & Jan Johnston, Teresa Rambo, Bill Curtiss, Mike Herron, Leslie Youngblood)…5 of whom are Caleb Zoners.  Our Ireland mission teams are an outflow of our Ireland Prayer group which meets weekly throughout the year, praying for revival in Ireland, and for individuals who send us prayer requests.  Over the years, as we’ve prayed for more and more people there, we’ve developed quite a network of friends who know that we’re praying for them.  And so they let us know when there are specific needs for us to cover in our prayer times. 

OK, that’s our mission trip in a nutshell…but I’ve just GOT to say one more thing here…I’m just wondering if perhaps God has a calling on YOUR life, too.  Could there be a parallel here?  Is there a calling  that God is  wanting to stir up once again in your own heart?Maybe life has gotten either “too good” and you’ve gotten distracted, or it’s become “too bad”, and you think you’ve been turned out to pasture.  May I just blow this trumpet in your ear, too?  God has not forgotten you, nor has he forgotten what he created you for and called you to do.  Ask him about it and see what he says…

Some things never change…thank God.




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