UPSTREAM…Ireland Mission Trip 2011

Can you believe that this year marks our 10th Summer trip to IrelandI mean, we’ve been making mission trips to County Mayo, Ireland since even before there was a Caleb Zone!!!

The dates of the trip are:           July 15-29

Here’s our team this year:

Danny Mulkey, Kathy Mulkey, Dennis Johnston, Jan Johnston, Teresa Rambo, Bill Curtiss, Mike Herron, Leslie YoungbloodFive of these eight are Caleb Zoners…and we need your prayers for safety, health, and most of all, FRUIT!!!!  We’ll be meeting with lots of churches,  leaders and lay people, encouraging them to believe God for revival in Ireland, as well as encouraging them toward more intentional discipleship and formation of Lifegroups.  We’ll also spend a good deal of our time praying on-site in churches and other locations for major spiritual breakthroughs in the nation, leading to a genuine society-changing revival.  Ireland was the world’s leader in sending the gospel to the nations for CENTURIES until recent decades, and we believe that God’s calling on this nation is to become wholehearted worshippers of Jesus again, fervently making disciple-makers and sending them to the nations.    


In a recent Ireland Team Meeting, the Lord gave us a fairly funny word concerning this trip.  I heard in my head the tune to the old, old, song, “It’s a Grand Night For Singing”, except the words I heard were, “It’s a Great Year For Salmon”!  We all laughed at first, until it became clear that the Lord was referring to the thing which salmon are famous for……SWIMMING UPSTREAM.  We’re trusting God that this year we will see many people becoming hungry enough for God to courageously turn against the powerful flow of unbelief in Ireland and just do whatever it takes to follow and obey Him, even if it means going UPSTREAM!  Why don’t you join us in this prayer.  We would love for you to take part!!!

Of course, we’ll report back in when we get home…with photos, stories, and a summary of what God is doing.  In the mean time, HUGE blessings on you and yours…