A GREAT message on video

Hey, guys…just a “heads up” about a 20-something minute video by Gus Hunter on God’s Design For Sex.  It’s really good, and you might want to send the link to other folks, too.  The link is:



We Were Created To STAY ALIVE!!!!

We add to our daily celebration of Jesus, a DOUBLY special celebration tomorrow…the celebration of Jesus’ VICTORY over everything that kills…everything that binds us to Sin; past, present and future…everything that allures us to deny LIFE and allign ourselves with death…even those lies that call out to the Caleb Generation, “You’ve lived well over half your life.  It’s OK now to just watch the younger ones live out theirs.”

It is through Jesus’ VICTORY on the cross and in the resurrection that God’s primary purpose for us was fulfilled…He is ALIVE, and we are ALIVE IN HIM.  ALL the days of our lives…from our childhood to the grave…ALIVE in him.  Let the life of Jesus course through your veins, and know that his Life enables us to truly Live!!!  He became ALIVE again so that you and I can STAY ALIVE until God says we’re done.

Oh, Lord, we are truly blown away with gratitude for what you’ve done, and for the HUGE joy we have in following  you daily.  And in our hearts and with our mouths we say…


Thank you, Lord.

Never Give Up

Well, I must say that I’m almost overwhelmed.  Situation after situation after situation has come to my attention in the past couple of weeks where people are so buried with problems and issues of life that they feel that they can’t take it any more with things as they are.  I mean, I’ve had several folks actually tell me that in the past 2 weeks.  I know that I’ve felt like that before.  Have you?

I guess I’m writing this just in case you’re in that same boat at the moment, or you know someone who is.  Whether this sounds encouraging to you or not, God does not want us to give up.  You may say, “But I FEEL like giving up…I have no more strength…I’m calling out to God, but he’s evidently not listening!”  Hebrews 10:39 says…”But we are not of those who shrink back and are destroyed, but of those who believe and are saved.”  Let me repeat…”WE ARE THOSE WHO BELIEVE AND ARE SAVED”.  That’s who you are.  Your identity as a son or daughter of God is one who believes and is saved.

There are lots of places in the Bible which address this very issue.  Why?  Because it is common to man!  We may not all face the same trials, but we all DO hit the wall sooner or later.  The Red Sea stares us in the face, and there is literally nowhere righteous to turn…only to trust God that he is who he says he is and will do what he says he will do. 

If this scenario describes you today, pick up your phone and call somebody from your Lifegroup.  Share your situation and pray for God’s strength and perspective.  Ask God to stir up a heart of gratitude within you in the face of your difficulties and grief.  Take a look at what Psalm 50:23 says…bottom line, it says that our thankful hearts toward God will open the door to God’s salvation.  We may be under siege, but the cavalry is on the way!!!  As God stirs your heart with thanksgiving, get ready to see the Red Sea part right before your eyes.

HUGE blessings,


Basic Is Beautiful!!!

BOOK RECOMMENDATION:   “3:16” by Max Lucado

Some people like to read books which challenge their intellect.  Some like stories which are adventurous and thrilling.  Others favor books which are jam-packed with information which they can add to their personal cerebral encyclopedia of facts.  And most of us love books which make us laugh out loud.

I’ve just finished a book which doesn’t necessarily have any of the above characteristics…it only re-awakens and reinforces the awareness of the incredible foundation I’m standing on.  “3:16”, as you might have guessed, is the examination/illumination of John 3:16.  Now before you respond as I did when I first saw this book and say, “Yeah, I already know about that…” please let me finish.  Whether you are unsaved, newly saved, or way-back-when saved, this book is for you.  I sound like a salesman, I know, but I told you guys that I was going to occasionally share with you about books which I think all of us would benefit greatly from.  This is such a book.

Max Lucado, whom I once thought was probably just a shallow, book-producing machine (by the way, I thought this before I actually READ one of his books!), takes an extremely basic yet insightful approach to remind us of Who Jesus is and who we really are.  Every time I picked it up to read (which wasn’t very many times…the actual book portion is only 100 pages long), my heart was filled with HUGE GRATITUDE for Jesus and the salvation He has given me/us!  It’s bigger than we think.  It’s deeper than we think.  And it is so simple and basic.

Yes, basic is beautiful.  Thank you, Max.  And thank YOU, Jesus!

Just Checking In!!!

Well, since it’s been a few weeks since I updated our blog, I’ve got some catching up to do.  Hope you’re enjoying the pleasant Springtime weather and that you’re praying for rain daily!

Plans for our Caleb Zone Japan Mission trip are moving along fast and furious.  What incredible timing, our team of four will be sort of like a small commando unit, going in for 10 days for some high-intensity discipling of Japanese believers, and joining with them to comfort lots of folks in shelters for folks from the earthquake/tsunami zone.  Here’s our team:  Sherry Robinson, Carolyn McEachern, Dennis Johnston, and yours truly.  So would you please pray for the Lord to work out every detail and to make us as fruitful as we  can possibly be?  Thanks a ton!  By the way, the dates of the trip are May 10-30.

OK, shifting gears here a little bit…I want to periodically recommend books that I’ve been reading.  There are SO MANY books out there, and if you’re like me, it’s easy to wonder which ones are worth reading and which ones aren’t.  I read a good bit anyway, but these days I’m trying to read books which I think could be beneficial to you and other folks in our zone.  

Let me mention two books today which have been REALLY beneficial to me in the past few months.  These are “Walking With God” by John Eldridge, and “Present Perfect” by Gregory Boyd.  I think that both of these are available in our ACC bookstore.  These books deal with the issue of living in the Presence of God, but each book tackles this issue from a different perspective.  John Eldridge focuses on maintaining a very real and open communication with God, learning to hear His voice as He directs our steps.  Greg Boyd takes a look at how to grow in our awareness of God’s presence, 24/7.  Both have had a positive effect on my Godward focus and on my approach to God in prayer.  Bottom line… I highly recommed both books!

OK, that’s about it for today.  HUGE blessings on you and your family, and we’ll stay in touch!  Oh, and by the way, I want to include in these blog postings some photos of our LifeGroups.  So if you have any digital LifeGroup photos, and folks don’t mind their pictures being posted, send them my way, OK?