Japan, Ireland, and YOU!

Hello, Caleb Zone’ers! 

I’ve got a few things to share with you today, and I’ll be as brief as possible.

First of all, the Antioch bookstore sold out of the book, “When They Turn Away” this past Sunday, but they’ve reordered, and hopefully the books will be here by this coming Sunday.  Just ask at the bookstore, and they’ll know when the books should be in.

Secondly, I just want to let you know about 2 Caleb Zone mission trips coming up:

Nagano, Japan:  May 19-30. 

When: May 19-30

What: Our team of 6 will be working with AMI missionaries, Byron & Liz Savill in small group discipleship

Who: We already have 4 people signed up, so that leaves room for 2 more…preferrably a married couple.


When: July 16-30 (most likely…will know for sure in 2 weeks)

What: This mission trip is an outreach of our Ireland Prayer Team.  We will be spending a good bit of our time praying in churches, meeting with pastors, priests, and lay people, and also participating in evangelistic outreaches.  (By the way, this is NOT a tour of Ireland.  It is definitely a working mission trip.)

Who: Again, we only have room for 2 additional people.  In order to be a part of this trip, you must be a part of our Ireland Prayer Team which meets monthly to pray for revival in Ireland. 

I don’t know the cost for these trips yet, but I DO need to know of anyone who is interested and would like to talk about going on one of these trips.  If you ARE interested, then please contact me by email as soon as you can.   danny-mulkey@aminternational.org  I’ll be travelling over the next 2 weeks, but I’ll be checking email as I have opportunity.

I’m sorry if this blog posting sounds cut/dried/business-like.  But I wanted to keep it as short as possible!  Let me know if you’re interested, OK?


Danny Mulkey


Come On…Dive In!

        I just came from a visit to The Boiler Room…and I was blown away. 

        Now before you head to the emergency room to see if I’m OK, let me explain.  There’s nothing wrong with our heating system here at the church, and even if there was, they sure wouldn’t call on ME to fix it!  No, the Boiler Room is what you’ve been hearing announced in the church bulletin and in LifeGroup announcements, etc.   It’s a place where you and I can go to pray for various needs in Waco, our nation, and around the world.  And I was not at all expecting what I saw and experienced.

       Our Prayer Ministry folks have done an incredible job converting the Prayer Center and the Discovery Land room into an interactive prayer experience for us to take advantage of.  You go from station to station (there are 7) and pray for various local, national, and interational needs, and there are so many practical helps given to us that even the least experienced intercessor can easily participate. 

       I can’t encourage you enough to join in these few days of fasting and prayer.  Honestly, you won’t be sorry if you come and visit the Boiler Room…maybe even as a LifeGroup…and then come to the Friday Night Prayer For the Nations at the church.  I’m honestly pumped about what’s in store for us Friday night…joining together with college folks, young families, singles, and Caleb’ers, too…to worship together, and pray together for our nation and the nations of the world.

       So come on…DIVE IN!!!!!

(the Boiler Room will only be set up through Friday.  To get in, go to the Prayer Center door on the side of the church building…the code on the door lock is 2414*)



“When They Turn Away” books in the ACC bookstore

These books were ordered last week and should be in the bookstore by this coming Sunday (Feb. 6).  If you haven’t looked at it already, just look in the right-hand column here on the blog under “Recent Posts”, then click on “Book Recommendation…”  It’s a VERY good book!

Also, why don’t you take this opportunity to subscribe to this blog so that whenever I post something new, you’ll automatically receive an email notice.  It’s easy, and hopefully there’ll be some good things coming up for the Caleb Zone on this blog.

Blessings, and have a great week!!!