WELCOME to the Caleb Zone blog

Thanks so much for checking in!  As the email said, I’ll be using this blog to periodically post book recommendations, things that God might be saying to us, photos of your lifegroup and mission trips, and other useful information. 


                      (Sherry Robinson on Caleb Zone mission trip to Japan last year)

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God bless you, and thanks for entering into “BlogWorld” with me! 



Book Recommendation: “When They Turn Away” by Rob Rienow

How many people do you know who have at least one adult child who is not walking with the Lord?  Lots, right?  We’ve been there.  Maybe you have, too.  You may have noticed that a great percentage of our Lifegroup prayer times are primarily devoted to praying for each other’s grown kids.  It’s one of the biggest issues we face!

This book, “When They Turn Away”, offers some real hope.  It takes a realistic look at lots of scenarios and offers some practical and DO-ABLE steps that we can take in drawing our kids back to the Lord.  I had never heard of Rob Rienow before I read this book, but since then I’ve watched his teaching on an on-line seminar and am considering ordering his DVD series called “Never Too Late” for our zone.  The book is VERY easy to read, by the way.  I just think it is well worth the effort.

Bottom line here…I would HIGHLY recommend this book to virtually anyone who has kids who have turned away from the Lord…or even for those who have FRIENDS whose kids are in that place.  I’m going to see if we can order some for our church bookstore, but in the mean time you probably can order it on-line from most booksellers.

Let’s keep praying for our kids!  It could be that the breakthrough is just around the corner!


Countdown To Kickoff!!!

Lord willing, in just about a week, the “kickoff” of this Caleb Zone blog will happen.  If you’ve happened onto it accidentally, visit us again in a few days.  We’ll be kicking off with a couple of Book Recommendations that you may be interested in.  In the mean time, if you’d like, you can go ahead and subscribe to the blog.  That way you’ll be notified automatically by email whenever something new is posted

Blessings!  See you soon!!!